A lovely shot in between the trees
Here come the best men
Marriage ceremony on the beach


I’m an authorised Marriage Celebrant, world traveller, art lover, teacher of life challenged kids, and happy mum. I have spent my life empowering others to get the very best they can out of everyday and I want to bring that to the most special of days – your wedding day.

A marriage ceremony is so special because it is a public revelation about such an intimate part of a life – your love. It is an opportunity to share your commitment with those that have been part of your journey – including each other.

As a marriage celebrant, my role is to provide support (and excitement) at each stage of the process, to explore possibilities and resources, walk by your side through last minute ideas, calm your nerves and most importantly – capture your story through your eyes.

I will ask you on our first coffee catch up what would leave you both smiling at the end of your marriage ceremony – and I will spend the rest of our time together working with you to make it happen.

Together we will create a lasting memory.