My Services

My Goal

My goal is to provide you with the best service so that you have a personalised ceremony that you will remember for the rest of your lives.

My Services

All ceremonies include the following services:

  • A professional approach to your ceremony that brings years of experience in public speaking and planning
  • Tailoring my input to work with your budget, including as much or as little contact as you want – phone, email, Skype or face to face
  • Access to my book of concepts and vows
  • My attendance and support at the rehearsal(s)
  • Collaboration with your photographer, videographer and venue proprietor
  • Use of a professional PA system




Marriage of Danielle and Michael
Exchanging rings during the marriage ceremony

Marriage Ceremonies

My job is to make your dream ceremony come true. I will take care of all the legals so you can focus on the fun parts.

The legal part of my services includes:

  • Attending to the lodgment of the Notice of Intended Marriage
  • Completion of all other legal paperwork and requirements
  • Lodgement of your official marriage paperwork

Commitment Ceremonies

Commitment ceremonies are designed especially for couples who wish to proclaim their love and celebrate their commitment to one another without the legal hassles.

As with every ceremony my goal is to co-create a unique ceremony that celebrates your story and declares your intention to share the future as a couple.

Wedding cake
Bride holding a lovely bouquet of flowers

Renewal of Vows

Celebrate your enduring love with the renewal of the vows you made to one another om the day of your marriage. Feel the excitement of planning a ceremony that brings your loved ones together in celebration of your marriage, of the memories you have made together, of your enduring love and your continuing intention to commit to a future together.